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Research Sharing service - News / releases

Version 1.10.3

Release date: 30th October 2020

This version includes the following bugfixes:

  • Fix to the external search over BioModels
  • Fixes to doing a search over filtered results, and maintaining the correct order from the search results
  • Adding new version comments for Documents
  • Fix to Dataset schema.org markup

Closed issues for 1.10.3

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Version 1.10.2

Release date: 28th August 2020

This version includes a few bugfixes:

  • A fix to a validation error when linking to a older publication with no publication type defined.
  • A fix to adding via a URL, where the remote server doesn’t respond to HEAD requests.
  • Better handling of when the attr_encrypted key is missing or wrong, which previously prevented the server starting up.
  • A fix to activity reporting, where a snapshot pointed to a deleted resource.

Closed issues for 1.10.2

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Version 1.10.1

Release date: 24th June 2020

This version contains a few bug fixes and security updates, and minor feature additions. In particular:

  • Rails upgrade to the latest Rails 5 release (, along with some other dependencies
  • Discussion links now have an optional label, to be displayed instead of the raw URL
  • Discussion links are now included in the API
  • Model organism has been included in the API
  • The Model image link has been included in the API
  • An improvement to how Submitter and Other creators are displayed, to be less ambiguous
  • Request resource has now been entirely replaced by the improved ability to request contact
  • A fix to a bug that prevented Assays and Assets being unlinked, if there was only 1 Assay

Closed issues for 1.10.1

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Version 1.10.0

Release date: 9th June 2020


  • Filtered search and browsing:
    • When viewing index page lists, it is now possible to change the sort order, and filter by certain attributes
    • It is also possible to perform a text search over the list, and apply filters to the results
    • Filters across categories have AND applied, whereas within a category OR is applied
  • Enhanced support for publications:
    • Support for more publication types, including: Journal article, inproceedings, inbook, etc. Users can update the publication type when editing the publication.
    • Additional metadata attributes including booktitle, editor, publisher, a remote URL
    • For publications, which are manually registered or imported from bibtex files, users can edit all fields of publications.
    • For publications registered with DOI, users can refresh the metadata by clicking “edit publication”
    • Improvements to importing publications by a bibtex file
      • Ability to import different types of publications
      • Add more validations to support different types of publications
      • Generate the citation according to the type of publications when there is no DOI or Pubmed ID
  • Adding one or more Discussion Channel links to all Assets
    • If you wish to provide the ability to open a discussion about an item, one or more links can be added to locations such as Slack, GitHub issue, a Forum thread
  • A “Request Contact” button for Assets, to allow a registered user to initiate an email discussion with the owner and creators of that item.
  • Increased zoom level when previewing model images, and ability to view the original in its full resolution
  • Support for ‘include’ when using the JSON API
  • Study Experimentalists attribute has been deprecated - existing entries aren’t lost and can be edited, but the attribute has been removed for new entries or existing entries where that attribute hasn’t been set
  • Renaming of contributor to submitter - to be clearer about what this attribute represents
  • Update of BiVeS - used for model version comparisons, has been updated to the latest available version

There have also been many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Note that with this version, we moved from JIRA to Github Issues, and for this and probably future versions have stopped providing links to individual tasks.

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Version 1.9.1

Release date: 17th October 2019

  • Minor User Interface improvements
    • More consistent sorting of lists.
    • Consistent Add New button to add new items linked to the current item. This replaces buttons that only appeared in some places - such as the “Add New Data File” for “Assay”.
    • Split Edit and Manage action between 2 separate pages, rather than being handled through the same form.
  • Initial support for bioschemas.org / schema.org JSON-LD markup
    • Supporting Project, Taxon, Sample, Event, DataSet, DataCatalogue, DigitalDocument, and PresentationDigitalDocument
  • Validating assay and technology type URI’s (particularly when submitting through the API).
  • Managing project members through the API.
  • Fix to an problem and inconsistency with how countries and the country codes are stored and displayed

There have also been several minor bug fixes and improvements, which are described more within the SEEK v1.9.1 release notes

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