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Integrating data and project lifecycle

Projects service - News / releases

Kanboard v1.2.15

Release date: 2020-06-19
  • Update dependencies
  • Added PUT method using CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST
  • Run integration tests on Github Actions
  • Fixed capitalization of sAMAccountName for LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_USERNAME example
  • Added missing closing HTML tag in template
  • Update Docker image to Alpine 3.12
  • Removed paragonie/random_compat (not required for PHP 7)
  • Setup Dependabot on GitHub
  • Allow use of the user's DN as the group filter substitution
  • Add subtask events to ProjectModificationDateSubscriber
  • Update Vagrantfile to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Open large modal when clicking on edit category link
  • Set margin-bottom at 0 only for the last child of a tooltip element
  • Prevent last swimlane to be hidden if there is only one
  • Execute tooltip listeners only once when the DOM is ready
  • Use Ajax request for Markdown preview
  • Make tooltip events bubble
  • Keep newlines in markdown
  • Show the color dropdown when creating a new automatic action
  • Update translations
  • Correct duration calculation
  • Copy subtask assignee when duplicating a task
  • Save task list order in user session
  • Add action to assign a user when the swimlane change

Kanboard 1.2.14

Release date: 2020-04-16
  • Update translations
  • Add new event subtask.create_update
  • Replace Travis CI by GitHub Actions
  • Add option to enable or disable global tags per projects
  • Show group membership(s) in user summary and user list
  • Docker: use real hostname instead of "localhost"
  • Add new task/project image hooks
  • Fix invalid RSS feed encoding
  • Add new plugin hooks
  • Rename "private" projects to "personal"
  • Add per-project and per-swimlane task limits
  • Use parent task color when converting a subtask to task
  • Add environment variables support to configure the application
  • Add the possibility to make project tags global from project settings
  • Fix regex to detect external links with attachments
  • Use KANBOARD_URL to build URIs if specified
  • Make time_spent and time_estimated fields editable for updateTask and createTask API calls
  • Kanboard now requires PHP >= 7.2 since other versions are deprecated
  • Avoid page shrinking when drag and drop cards on iOS devices
  • Added a hover color to i elements inside the "dropdown-submenu-open" class
  • Avoid duplicating Dockerfiles for each architecture

Kanboard 1.2.13

Release date: 2019-12-17

==> This release requires at least PHP 7.2 <==

  • Adjust width of time tracking column
  • Make subtasks not wrap under icons
  • Make column scrollable in Kanban view
  • Add composer dependency roave/security-advisories
  • Add colors to tag and category lists
  • Update Parsedown to v1.7.3 (security update)
  • Make sure the elements behind the alert notification are clickable after animation
  • Make sure incompatible plugins can be uninstalled from the web ui
  • Move "data-js-lang" attribute to HTML "lang" attribute
  • Update language codes for time picker so the calendars are translated correctly
  • Dropdown in project managers view covers heading
  • Fix date picker datetime parsing when using pre-defined localized versions of am/pm
  • Show ISO date format in application settings
  • Datepicker stores its Spanish locales as "es", not "es-ES" or "es-VE"
  • Increase width of color picker to avoid text overlap in Polish
  • Close open menu when clicking again on the button
  • Fix width of filter bar in mobile
  • In PHP-7.4, nested ternary operators are to be bracketed
  • Change string indexing from {0} to [0] (deprecated in PHP 7.4)
  • Update translations

Kanboard 1.2.12

Release date: 2019-10-27
  • Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.10.3
  • Add new template hook: "template:project-permission:after-adduser"
  • Upgrade jQuery to version 3.4.1
  • Add Spanish (Venezuela) translation
  • Removed color_id requirement for tag API calls
  • Fix subtask restriction modal when clicking on the icon instead of link
  • Use PHPUnit 5 for Vagrant
  • Prevent last project manager role from being removed
  • Check API token before LDAP authentication
  • Make sure task limit consider all open tasks (not only filtered tasks)
  • Update translations
  • Change user filter and category icon
  • Add "anybody" filter
  • Disable user scaling to avoid page shrinking when drag&drop on mobile
  • Fix condition for action "Automatically update the start date when task move away from certain column"
  • Add tests for task link and subtask assignee filters
  • Changes filters from in array to subqueries
  • Add hash to image URL to force browser to update avatar image when changed

Kanboard 1.2.11

Release date: 2019-10-27

Breaking Changes:

  • Internet Explorer support is now deprecated
  • Add project ID to ExternalTaskProviderInterface::fetch()

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed issue of tooltip not disapearing
  • Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.10.2
  • Hide due date time on the card if time is 00:00
  • Add new plugin hooks in view switcher
  • Ignore Dockerfiles from git archive
  • Remove dependency on nodejs and gulp
  • Remove dependency on Sass
    • Convert *.sass files to vanilla CSS
    • Start using CSS variables
    • Add PHP minifier
  • Add link button to text editor
  • Implements check for duplicate default categories
  • Implements check for duplicate default columns
  • Fix HTML parsing in Markdown editor
  • Change checkboxes alignment in task creation form
  • Add support for reference:none
  • Fix tabindexes on task creation and modification forms
  • Add option to clone filters on project duplication
    • Fixed missing metadata option from project "create from"
    • Added option to clone project custom filters
    • Added append option to custom field tests
    • Added a test that uses the "append" option
    • Fixed disabled swimlane duplication error with Postgresql
  • Update translations
  • Save thumbnails as PNG to have transparency
  • New action to update the start date when a task move away from a column
  • Add the possibility to sort columns by due date
  • Add "identifier" beside "name" while creating a new project